Kanye West's 'All Of The Lights' Video Causes An Uproar

By Kathy Iandoli

As if Kanye’s shutter shades weren’t enough to impair vision, his new video for “All of the Lights” could cause a full out seizure.

The Hype Williams directed video includes several moments of quick edits and flashing lights that appear back to back to the tune of the song (with some lyrics lit and flashing as well). With that level of light work in the video, it could possibly cause seizures for photosensitive people with epilepsy. The British organization “Epilepsy Action” moved to have the video banned from the internet. A statement was issued by Epilepsy Action that included the following: “Epilepsy Action has contacted Kanye West's agent, YouTube and other online sources of the video to ask that they take it down.”

Some fans, of course, feel the video is worth the potential seizure.

“Imma let you finish. But this video may induce the best the seizure of all time,” @gaurav104 tweeted.

The video wasn’t pulled. However, it now comes with a warning:

Warning: This video has been identified by Epilepsy Action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Other fans are making a joke of the warning, as lots of “lol’s” and “lmao’s” circulated around Twitter retweeted the story about the video’s possible seizure causes. Many are “welcoming” the potential threat.

“brb just having a seizure over Kanye West's new video,” @melissarendi jokingly tweeted. “Man I won't be surprised if Kanye West get sued for the ‘All of the Lights’ video... It is a seizure waiting to happen,” @jesseblack continued. “I just felt like I was about to have a seizure after watching Kanye West all of the lights music video,” @Carl_McFly kids (maybe?). “All of the lights by Kanye West gave me a mini seizure wtf,” another Twitter user @tanesha_cuddl3z stated.

While the entire video isn’t full of lit messages, it does feature Kid Cudi and a barely clothed Rihanna (whose 95% revealed breasts have become an internet phenomenon), which could also cause hypersensitivity in some men.

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