What's The Next Big Thing For Odd Future?


Los Angeles collective Odd Future and their in-your-face shock rap and gross-out video antics have burned themselves into the collective consciousness of an entire nation who must be wondering what exactly these kids are smoking.

Led by the visionary and extremely hyperactive 19-year old Tyler The Creator, the group consists of rappers, producers, skaters and friends bound together by a lust for anarchy on wax with a side order of nihilism. But the question many ask is that after what was arguably their biggest moment – performing on Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” program - what’s next for this motley crew of bad asses?

Critical acclaim and a rabid fan base aside, MTV News reported that the crew still had to schlep on the bus like commoners, even after they dazzled an entire studio audience with sheer energy, expert lyricism and possibly causing a few nightmares for the unprepared. To make things even weirder for the crew, Mos Def (a longtime fan) joined Tyler and fellow rapper Hodgy Beats on stage screaming into the camera as if he just won a million dollars.

The mystery of Odd Future, short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, slowly began to unveil itself over time. After Tyler released his dark and brooding album BASTARD in 2009, the ball began to roll from that point on with the Wolf Gang shooting a series of videos of them literally hanging out in LA’s Fairfax district skating and being obnoxious teens in others.

The year of 2010 saw the release of missing member Earl Sweatshirt’s EARL album and while many speculate on his whereabouts with theories stretching as far as the lyrical wunderkind being imprisoned in boot camp by his mother, the crew have yet to confirm his exact location while coasting to higher heights without him.

Although crew members Domo Genesis, who is also a student at Arizona State University, Hodgy Beats (along with producer/MC Left Brain forming the group MELLOWHYPE) and Taco all have well-received projects out and ongoing, the buck stops with Tyler now that Earl Sweatshirt is not in the plans. Tyler’s new album GOBLIN is set to be released by XL Recordings in what Tyler described via his Twitter account as a “one-off” deal. Tyler, a capable keyboardist and producer, handles all the production duties on his latest project. The album’s first single and “YONKERS” is not for the faint of heart but captures the exact spirit and aim of the crew.

For now, as mainstream success remains an elusive and curious goal for the crew, Tyler and his gang of misfits are playing to sell-out shows across the country and an appearance at the Coachella music festival this year should catapult the youngsters even further than they are now.

The bus continues to roll on for Odd Future.

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