Foxy Brown Allegedly Kicked Out Of Fashion Week Party

By Kathy Iandoli

It appears as though Foxy Brown has graduated from being kicked out of nail salons to being kicked out of New York Fashion Week.

According to TMZ, the female emcee was scheduled to perform on Wednesday (February 16th) at a Fashion Week event for designer Indashio that didn't go over so well with the party planners. The event was a fashion show after-party at New York City’s Red Bull Space. Foxy showed up minutes before the event closed, at 1:20 AM the next day (February 17th) completely intoxicated.

Foxy then locked herself in one of the restrooms and refused to come out. She was physically removed by a security guard and escorted off the premises.

However, Foxy Brown has a different version of this story.

“The story is a complete fabrication,” Foxy advised “When I got to the club I was not intoxicated at all. That’s a lie. There was no intoxication, there was no drama, and I was never physically escorted out by security.”

Designer Indashio has spoken out about the event, but didn’t seem fazed by any drunk Foxes running around. In fact, HipHopDX reports that the designer was pleased with Fox Boogie’s appearance. “I was so happy to see her,” Indashio exclaimed. “When Foxy came at the end, it was the perfect way to close the night. It was the best after-party I ever had.”