West Wins NBA All-Star Game, Kobe Bryant Nets MVP Award

By Rahman J Dukes

When the West was won is a fitting way to sum up tonight's 2011 NBA All-Star game. A Kobe Bryant led West All Star team defeated LeBron James' East squad 148-143. Bryant's win netted the All-Star his fourth MVP award, a tie for the most wins in NBA All-Star history.

The East was heavily favored to take home this years trophy due to All-Stars LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Amare Stoudimire and more. But in the end the West would prevail as Kevin Durant assisted Bryant scorching the East.

The All-Star game was filled with high caliber celebrities not only on court but off the hardwood floors as well. Jay-Z and Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, and Michael Rappaport were just a few to name. The games half time performer Rihanna had a lot to rave about as the starlet was also celebrating her birthday in addition to a high energy performance.

Shortly after lighting up the NBA stage, both Drake and Kanye West were spotted seperately chatting it up with their crews. Kanye, decked out in a silver and black jacket, black hat and tinted sunglasses made his way back to the court after changing clothes from his all red everything outfit that he donned during his performance with Ri Ri. Drake, on the other hand chilled in the same threads worn during his set, chopping it up with Def Jam head LA Reid who congratulated him on his performance.

In what initially started out as the typical NBA game where at some points saw areas of the Staple Center completely quiet, the games ending was the complete opposite as fans were on the edge of their seats right down to the seconds. In the end the dynamic duo of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant proved to be way too much firepower for the East Coast All-Stars. The night was especially emotional for MVP Kobe Bryant who may have played his last All-Star game in front of his home town.

"Being home, I wanted to come out and play hard, put on a good show," Bryant said. "This being my last all-star game in front of these fans, it feels good."