Drake Gets Animated For 'The Lebrons'

Drake is going to get animated, literally.

The Toronto rapper is going to be featured in the cartoon “The LeBrons,” set to debut in March. The LeBrons is a web-based animated series that will revolve around the four characters made famous in a Nike ad campaign for two time NBA MVP and current Miami Heat player LeBron James. All four characters—the kid, the athlete, the businessman and the elder—are based on James. “I think everyone is going to have an opportunity to relate to them,” said James in a promotional clip for the show."

Although there are animated Drake parodies floating around online, the T-Dot MCs appearance on the LeBrons will be official. Rappers have participated in and/or appeared in a number of cartoons throughout the years. In 1990, Rap group Kid N’ Play landed their own self-titled cartoon show for a season on NBC. MC Hammer had a short-lived cartoon series of his own called "Hammerman" on ABC the next year. More recently, ATL rapper Killer Mike provided voice acting to "Frisky Dingo" on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]—where Andre 3000 also had a show called "Class of 3000" —while Wu-Tang Clan’s the RZA provided vocals and soundtrack work for the maturer Afro-Samurai anime series.

King James and Drake worked together before on the former’s documentary More Than a Game, which trailed the come up of the then NBA bound high school basketball player and his teammates. Drake contributed the song “Forever,” featuring Kanye West, Eminem and Lil Wayne, to the film’s soundtrack and James appears in its Hype Williams directed video.