The Diplomats Signs With Interscope, Inherits Dr. Dre?

By Kathy Iandoli

For close to six months rumors have swirled that the Diplomats were inking a deal with Interscope Records. Has the unthinkable finally happened?

Juelz Santana revealed in a video interview with Ozone Magazine that the Diplomats have signed with Interscope. “We got the deal with Interscope. Shout-out to Jimmy Iovine,” Santana said in the video.

The Dips arrived at Interscope without a competing crew, considering G-Unit departed ways with the label well over a year ago. Previous beef between the Diplomats and G-Unit was rectified, and the ultimate proof of peace was Juelz jumping on Lloyd Banks’ crossover single for “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley.” There's been no word yet on how the Unit would feel about the Dip’s new seat at the ‘Scope.

Dipset, now short one member (since JR Writer left the crew and signed a solo deal with Babygrande), are already in the process of making music for upcoming projects including Dr. Dre's long anticipated Detox album. Of course with a deal like that, one super producer came with the package.

“I'm sure people seen the pictures up of us and Dr. Dre, so, you know, we've done records with Dre,” Santana confirmed.

In the video, Santana recalls working with Dr. Dre in the studio, and how Dre even had ringleader Jim Jones camped out in the booth until he delivered up to par. Jones previously called it a “humbling” experience.

When news arrived last year that Dipset was working with Dr. Dre, that bit of info was just enough to spark a full-fledged rumor that the crew was joining Interscope. Destiny fulfilled.

While seemingly smug about the Interscope deal, Juelz also assured that no one in Dipset minds Dre’s studio lectures in the least. “If you’re gonna have anybody keep you in the booth for an hour and a half, why not it be Dr. Dre?”