Exclusive: Gucci Mane Talks 'The Return Of Mr. Zone 6' Mixtape

Long live the Gucc.

East Atlanta's very own Gucci Mane is back and ready to release his new mixtape "The Return of Mr. Zone 6." Earlier today Gucc exclusively spoke with RapFix giving the co-sign on his project. "This is my hardest mixtape thus far" said Gucci. "I'm cranking it up for the Summer. I have 100 songs in the can. We taking the streets over."

Drumma Boy, the Memphis native responsible for producing some of the south’s biggest rap hits, called in to RapFix to discuss his upcoming projects and collaborations, and how he and fellow southern mainstay Gucci Mane have built a strong musical foundation leading into a new role for the producer.

The Atlanta based beat maker is embarking on an upcoming mixtape release with Gucci Mane titled The Return Of Mr. Zone 6 and a confident Drumma shared how the collaborative process for he and Gucci began organically and has blossomed into a productive working relationship.

“I mean pretty much like from Gucci’s first mixtape, I been a part,” shared Drumma. “It’s been kind of different with Gucci ‘cause like most artists that I done worked with like usually you can tell or you would know about us working for a song that we did because they took off. With Gucci, it was different. We started off kinda like on the underground scene.”

Drumma Boy’s friendship with fellow Atlanta producer Zaytoven led the producer to introduce himself to Gucci, leading to work on one of Gucci’s Wilt Chamberlain mixtapes with the song “Photo Shoot.” From there, the pair then went on to collaborate on subsequent mixtapes leading up to last year’s successful mixtape The Burrrprint 2 HD. Now that the two have concocted a working formula, Drumma Boy is wearing a new hat as executive producer of the upcoming Gucci project.

“Here we are with The Return Of Mister Zone 6. This is the first mixtape that I executive produced,” said the composer. “I produced 11 songs out of 14 on this particular project.” Drumma noted that the project took just a month to record, with the duo laying down tracks in Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta. “We were just organically having fun and just doing what we do, “added Drumma.

Drumma Boy, who has worked with everyone from Young Jeezy to Waka Flocka Flame, is looking to not only expand his visibility with Gucci Mane, he also has tentative future projects in the works with B.O.B., Busta Rhymes, Raheem DeVaughn and Plies.