Dr. Dre And Eminem Unite With Grammy Performance

Easily the most hyped of all the 53rd Grammy Award performances, the buildup leading to the Eminem and Dr. Dre feature with Skylar Grey, who all performed the new single “I Need A Doctor” from Dre’s Detox album, did not disappoint.

The epic “I Need A Doctor” was as expected a major spectacle as Skylar Grey’s wailing vocals and the dramatic shift in mood on stage was seamlessly pulled off and nearly erased all visuals and memory of Rihanna’s appearance with Slim Shady just moments before it. Fans on Twitter reacted in record number, and much of the responses named this performance the best of the night.

@Maceface357 tweeted: “Eminem, Dr Dre and Skylar Grey completely killed it. Awesome performance!”

@Westfan12 said: “Skylar Grey better be trending. Sh--, Eminem, Dre, and her had one of the best performances tonight.

@Griggs5 added: “1.) Eminem and Dr. Dre Killed it 2.) Detox 3.) Skylar Gray is going to be a superstar #Grammys”

@Jeanacosta shared: “Love the Dre + Eminem combo. Can't believe Em hasn't popped one of those veins in his head yet. Fierce! I dig this Skylar Gray chick.”

@Munekitta posted: “Hands down.. Eminem, Rihannas, Skylar Grey & Dr Dre best performance so far.. friggin LOVED it! Eninem = passionate performance! AWESOME!”

Shortly after the performance, Eminem snagged yet another Grammy for Rap Album of the Year and the stone-faced Detroit rhymer looked visibly humbled and stunned. During his acceptance speech Em thanked his label, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and gave a robust shout out to his hometown before exiting the stage. "Detroit!" Em shouted.

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