Made U Look: Nicki Minaj At The Grammys

By Paul Cantor

At this point, Nicki Minaj is synonymous with outrageous. So it wasn’t that far fetched to think she’d show up at the 53rd annual Grammys looking to make waves. Instead, she made a full on splash, dressed in a Givenchy leopard print outfit and a blonde afro hairdo that seemed to rise from her head with no bounds. “This is all my hair,” she joked on the red carpet. “At night if I press a certain button, my hair grows up, and if I press another button, it grows a color on it.”

Naturally, her outfit had its critics, some who compared Nicki's efforts to Lady Gaga.

“Nicki Minaj looks like she's trying too hard,” said Jeff Rosenthal, one half of the brother hip-hop sketch comedy duo It’s The Real. “She wants us to say that she looks like Pebbles meets Bride of Frankenstein, but I think more than anything, she looks desperate. I know she wants to be a conversation piece, a la Gaga, but she's just second place, first loser."

And then there were those who just thought Nicki was well, being Nicki. “I wouldn't expect anything less than this outfit,” said Kathy Iandoli, MSN music/The Source writer. “The cheetah print hair on the sides looks kind of hot. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she's carrying the money she's made off Pink Friday in her hair and her pants. That's the only way to rationalize the ‘bulges’.”

On twitter, fans shared their reaction to Nicki's latest fashion statement.

“I'm all about creativity but I'm not really feelin Nicki Minaj's outfit,” tweeted @Queentana

@kristy4lyf tweeted, “Nicki Minaj #EPICFAIL on that horrible ass outfit!! wtf?! Yu are no Lady Gaga!

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