Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj And Drake Celebrate At Grammy Party

By D.L. Chandler

During a Saturday (February 12) night pre-Grammy party, the Cash Money and Young Money crews lived up to their namesake at a swank West Hollywood club celebrating the success of the label’s top artists.

Party planner Colin Cowie, who planned the bash for Lil Wayne’s homecoming from prison party, transformed West Hollywood club The Lot into a literal bank vault complete with gold carpet on the dance floor and Cash Money Records upholstered lounge beds. Hosted by Cash Money CEOs Birdman and Slim Williams, the moguls presented their top money making artists Lil Wayne, Drake and the recently certified platinum Nicki Minaj with plaques honoring their achievements in the past year. Invited guests dined in the Vault Bistro and danced the night away before Birdman and Slim congratulated their successful stable of artists.

A joking Lil Wayne picked up the microphone after Birdman’s introduction of the acts, stating he told his mother he’s going to retire.

“I told my momma the other day that I’m about to retire because I got Nicki and Drizzy,” said the smiling Young Money captain. “I ain’t gotta do sh—no more.”

Nicki Minaj also graced the stage and in a moment of elation and showed gratitude to Wayne and the rest of her team in a moment of humility.

“I want to say that from the bottom of my heart, I could not be with a different label. And I said earlier, if somebody paid me to be with a different label, I couldn’t. These people right here are fu---- amazing!” said an excited Nicki. “This shit is fu---- real. Baby would come to the studio and see this crazy New York girl in the studio and now look, a million records. “

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