Kendrick Lamar Get's A Visit From The Good Doctor

By Paul Cantor

Typically, you’ve got a better chance of seeing Big Foot in public than Dr. Dre. Andre Young just does not mingle with the little people. But last night (February 10th), at Kendrick Lamar’s show at Hollywood’s Key Club, Dre came out of hiding to offer his cosign to rising West Coast MC. At the end of his set, he stepped on stage and threw his hands in the air as “Kush” played over the club’s speakers.

“What the f--k is up West Coast?” he questioned, rhetorically. “I just came out this mothaf--ker to show some love for the new West Coast hotness, my ni--a Kendrick Lamar doing big sh-t. That’s all I wanted to do was come out, show my face, and represent. I love ya’ll. My sh-t coming. Detox. West coast stand the f--k up. I’m coming.”

In November, right after “Kush” leaked, Dre called in to Big Boi’s Neighborhood on LA’s Power106 and offered his support for Lamar. “I’m looking to working with this new kid out of Compton, Kendrick Lamar,” he said. “I seen him on Youtube and I’m excited about meeting him.” Weeks later, pictures of the two in the studio together surfaced online.

But last night, it was short and sweet, as Dre went from the stage as quickly as he came. His appearance capped off what is being reported as a tremendous evening. J Cole (who’s recording a joint mixtape with Lamar and Big Sean, both performed their respective songs with Lamar, as did MURS and a bevy of other underground West Coast artists. DJ Quik reportedly filmed the entire event from the VIP section, as the newcomer ripped through cuts from his mixtape catalog.

“On some real sh-t DJ Quik, Murs, J. Cole, Big Sean,” Lamar said from the stage. “This sh-t is overwhelming for me man.”