Birdman Responds To Jay-Z's 'Baby Money' Rap

By D.L. Chandler

It seems like the Jay-Z vs. Cash Money/Young Money beef may be gaining some actual traction as Bryan “Birdman” Williams publicly responded via Twitter to Jay-Z’s supposed jab at the New Orleans label and crew.

"We gonna keep spending 'baby money' ...billionaire minds stay tuned," tweeted Birdman on February 8 on his @BIRDMAN5STAR Twitter page. The tweet is thought to be in direct response to Jay-Z’s line from him and collaborator Kanye West’s newest single “H.A.M.” where the Brooklyn rapper spits the line, “Really, you got baby money.” Jay-Z never confirmed nor denied that the line was intended to be a barb towards Lil Wayne and his compatriots.

Given the past history of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne and their past music collaborations, the allegations that a war between Roc Nation and the Young Money/Cash Money stable don’t immediately add up. Jay actually attempted to sign Weezy in the past and the pair has worked on a few notable tracks over the years.

If which of the artists made the most money is the true center of the discussion, Jay-Z clearly earned more than Birdman and Wayne in 2010 while making the Forbes list and earning $63 million while his semi-retired superstar wife Beyonce raked in a whopping $87 million. Lil Wayne made the list as well with reported earnings of $20 million – no small potatoes but not nearly enough to back up Birdman’s former claim that his protégé has more cash than Jigga.

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