Saigon Gives Back To The Community


By Alvin Blanco

Saigon is an MC whose fiery demeanor on the microphone is matched only by his passion to give back to the community. As part of MTV RapFix's continued Black History Month coverage, our cameras followed Sai while he was donating warm blankets and food to the homeless in shelters in New Jersey.

"We at the Hope House in Jersey City," says Saigon. "Trying to do good, doing what we do. Trying to give back man. Pass out some blankets."

Saigon's grassroots charity work isn't simply an act for the camera or a ploy to generate interest in his upcoming album, The Greatest Story Never Told. After serving six years behind bars the rapper was focused on changing his life for the better upon his release.

Hip-Hop is the vehicle Saigon been using to push his message and his long anticipated and much delayed album will finally be in stores February 15 on Suburban Noize Records. With production from Just Blaze and Kanye West as well as contributions from Jay-Z and Faith Evans, the album is well rounded with party ready joints and socially conscious material.

The part time actor-he has appeared on HBO's Entourage-isn't merely chastising the lavish hip-hop lifestyle depicted in songs; he just wants more balance. "You rappers is playing games with it man, putting that poison out there," said the Yardfather. "You gonna spread the poison, you gotta put some good back into the world, man. You gotta give back man. N----- is dipped, fresh and got money, making it rain on the little strippers and all that, go give some money back to the community."