Eminem's Super Bowl Ads Portray A New Side Of Marshall Mathers

By D.L. Chandler

Detroit rapper Eminem, once a scourge in the media, has made quite the turn as a pitch man during the advertising frenzy that is the Super Bowl. In two separate commercials, Slim Shady's brooding personality was on display although the products pitched were on opposite ends of the spectrum.

In the first spot, Eminem’s humorous Claymation turn for Lipton’s Brisk iced tea was a clever ad with the rapper spoofing his infamously vulgar raps and his usual tough guy act. As RapFix has previously reported, fan reaction to the spot was mostly favorable. The second ad was for the new Chrysler 200 mid-price sedan, and the somber, serious commercial was a vast departure from the silliness of the beverage spot. Music industry experts weighing in on the ad found it to be one of the strongest of the night.

Sticking true to his working-class roots, the two-minute Chrysler commercial was simple, low-key and properly dramatic at points. Shots of the once great industrial city of Detroit cutting to the visuals of the star rapper driving about the city intersect with a building instrumental. The commercial pauses just enough for the MC to enter downtown Detroit’s famous Fox Theater and face the camera to utter the sure-to-be-classic line "this is the Motor City and this is what we do." The Chrysler 200, priced at $19, 245, is most certainly marketed to potential drivers of modest incomes.

Eminem's ever-growing star power seems to increase as the months pass with the rapper not only netting top honors for having the highest-selling album in total global sales but also his buzzed-about Grammy nominations and upcoming appearance. Now, the Motor City bad boy is making a flawless segue into the role of commercial actor. According to Google Trends, the Chrysler ad has had the desired effect: It was #1 in all search categories late Sunday night.