Eminem's 2011 Super Bowl Ad: Fans React

By D.L. Chandler

During the first quarter of the Super Bowl XLV showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, Detroit rapper Eminem appeared in an ad for iced tea beverage Lipton – and while the commercial didn’t feature the rapper outright, the Grammy-nominated bad boy of rap’s attitude was on full display.

In a spot for Lipton’s Brisk iced tea, the potty-mouthed rhyme spitter got the Claymation treatment in a commercial that showed a little humor from the sometimes serious MC born Marshall Mathers.

The opening segment showed the animated Em talking to the camera stating that he’s often sought after by companies to do commercials and then rattles off an extreme list of demands to shoot for the spots beginning with “hot chicks,” filming the spot on location at his home so that he “ain’t gotta go anywhere,” recording his own song – which ended up being an expletive-filled song where the product barely got mentioned. The rapper goes on to say that while his demands are heeded, the products he endorses he ends up hating anyway.

However, the clay Slim Shady takes a gulp of the Brisk, declaring loudly “Damn, that is pretty good!” just before one final demand to the depicted Lipton rep where the official denies Em the request of calling the drink 'Eminem’s shut up drink it iced tea' forcing Em to push the exec off the top of the building and Shady finally declaring 'and that’s why I don’t do commercials' before his figure walks off in a typical tough guy scowling jaunt.

Twitter fans reacted mostly favorably to the clip, even folks who aren’t fans of the Motor City motor mouth.

“@djbabuforeal Eminem brisk commercial was dope,” tweeted Dilated Peoples’ DJ Babu.

“@XtotheV Eminem Brisk Commercial FTW!” said Warner Brothers recording artist XV.

“I don't like eminem but I loved the animation on the brisk commercial #superbowl,” tweeted @fragileheart

“wow #eminem... lost a lot of respect seeing ya in that Brisk commercial.... wow,” shared @jessestorey.

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