Snoop Dogg Cruises To Victory In Snoop Bowl IX

By D.L. Chandler

On Super Bowl XLV weekend, former player and current NFL analyst Deion “Prime Time” Sanders faced up against hip hop legend and part-time kid football coach Snoop Dogg in Snoop’s 9th annual Snoop Bowl in Dallas, TX in a battle of coaching wits this past Saturday (January 5).

Sponsored by Kinect for XBOX 360, the game featured Snoop’s All Stars youth football team from California against Sander’s TRUTH team comprised of kids from all over the nation. Although Sanders, who was just elected by officials today to enter the NFL’s Hall of Fame in Canton, is the supposed football expert, his team didn’t fare as well as Snoop Dogg’s young tikes won the game 57-12.

“In conjunction with XBOX and Kinect, it’s a beautiful thing to have the kids interact and put the football game and football feeling back into the streets,” shared Snoop in an interview on site at the game.

Sanders and his wife Pilar also run the non-profit Prime Time Associates group that helped bring the game to fruition and the still physically imposing co-host of the Snoop Bowl was gracious even in a loss.

“This is the 9th annual Snooper Bowl and I’m excited to just be a part of it" shared the former pigskin star known for electrifying kick returns. “When we mentioned that XBOX would be involved, these kids eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. They were so excited, they were elated. I think some of them were more excited about XBOX Kinect being here instead of the football game.”

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