Wale Inks Deal With Rick Ross' Maybach Music Imprint

By Rahman Dukes

Super Bowl XLV weekend has made a name for itself as the party of all parties, a springboard where your favorite hip hop artists collide, some sharing recording sessions, shooting music videos and others, signing recording contracts.

In the latter case Washington D.C. rapper Wale ended much speculation after it was announced he was embarking on the next phase of his music career with Rick Ross' Maybach Music imprint. Last week an unnamed source told MTV Rozay was in the midst of a major label bidding war between Diddy, Jay-Z, Birdman and Lyor Cohen and with the addition of Wale to Maybach the deal may have just gotten sweeter.

In part 2 of The Untouchable Maybach Empire Super Bowl vlog Wale elaborated on his new deal. "I'm blessed man, i'm blessed" said Wale sitting next to Rick Ross. "Same music, better energy man. That's all i'm gonna say. We let the records talk for themselves."

Ross chimed in noting Wale has his full support.

"What make's it special for me is when you make a move as big as this or as powerful as this it's also a testament of my brotha believing me in me" said Ross. "When i feel like that in my heart i'm a ride forever."

Wale was first discovered by Mark Ronson after he caught the attention of the producer from his grassroots marketing on the underground and mixtape circuit. Soon after the D.C. rapper signed a deal with Interscope Records to release his debut album "Attention Deficit" as well an artist under Jay-Z's Roc Nation management company.

For the next chapter of his career Wale says his alliance with Rozay will only make him more powerful.

"The difference is, being at a quote on quote 'major label' cause there's no major label, there's only about four artists per label making them any money anyways" said Wale. "Rather than saying 'I want to put out "Ambitious Girl", I want to put out "Diary" or I want to put out this joint that i feel is good for hip hop, "No Soup" whatever I want. Instead of having some people say 'nah, yo black people ain't gonna believe that, that's not what black people want from you. I be like 'Rozay, my heart is in this record right now.' Let's do it. Ain't no, 'you gotta talk to this person, beg this person.' It ain't no begging. It's the music I want to put out."

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