Justin Bieber Spits A Rhyme And Addresses Haters


By Erika Ramirez

It seems like Taylor Swift isn’t the only pop star that has taken a fancy for rhyming.

Justin Bieber stopped by the 1515 offices yesterday to chop it up with Sway when he decided to go into his rhyme off Sean Kingston’s collaborative track, titled “Won’t Stop.” The song is off Kingston’s mixtape King of Kingz and features rappers B.O.B., Soulja Boy Tell’em, Flo Rida and Akon.

"Yeah they talk, yeah they talk/ They don't walk the walk I walk/ Yeah, I won't stop 'til I drop, until then I reach the top/ I'mma walk to where I need to be, walk the path of destiny/ Definitely been neglected but God is always testing me/ Rest in peace to all the men that died that were protecting me/ Objectively, I need to tell you what just gets the best of me/ Essentially, people in this world just want to let it be/ John Lennon made it different/ Don't just let it be, set it free/ Never be scared too make change, effectively/ Always look at things in different ways, prespectively/ Every person in this world can do good/ I just want this message understood.”

Before spitting, Justin Bieber addressed the haters, “I wrote it by the way. Just so you guys know. All you haters saying, ‘he didn’t write that.’ I wrote it.”

Although delving into rap here and there, Bieber doesn’t plan to pull a ‘Drake’ and switch over, “I just do it for fun. I just mess around. It's something I like to do.”

Bieber mentioned another Young Money artist, rapper Lil Wayne, when he weighed in on tomorrow’s (February 6th) Super Bowl XLV, “I am not a fan of either teams" said Bieber. "Did you hear Lil Wayne’s song? The “Green and Yellow?” Wayne did a Green Bay song. I thought that was pretty cool. Either way, whatever team wins, it’s not my team.”