50 Cent Takes Jab At Nas, Kanye And Wiz Khalifa On New Track

By D.L. Chandler

It looks like hip hop’s favorite troublemaker and businessman 50 Cent is back to ruffle a few feathers and fearlessly call out a few notable names in his latest drop as part of his 2011 musical comeback campaign.

“Old 2003 Ferrari” harkens back to the days when 50 was a mixtape workhorse in the early 2000s which led to his eventual major label deal with Shady Records/Interscope and the G-Unit mogul name checks Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Nas and drops a subliminal diss towards Rick Ross all in the first verse alone.

50 Cent spits: “It’s ‘O11 why that Maybach an ’06/This n--ga boo booed up with my old b---h/I put paper before hoes, that’s why I’m so rich/I paved the way, long di--, now we all fit/Doc check my temperature, why I’m so cold?/The hood left the left side of my chest froze/I’m more about pimpin’ gettin’ bank rolls/Sitting watch em trickin’ on them stank hoes/We can share love like Kanye and Khalifa/From runways in Milan to big bags of reefer/She alright for a night but don’t keep her/Ask Nas, Kelis was the illest ether”

On the second verse, Fif tones down the aimed disses but lowers none of the braggadocio.

“My belt buckle YSL, my denim vintage/My AP all iced out, my sh-- authentic/My bread come in by the boat load, that’s how I get it/The cops come, say I ain’t do it you know I did it/I ain’t trippin’, na-na-na-na I ain’t trippin’/I am just putting the clip in/I ain’t out the window lickin’ bitch/I am legend, I am lethal with the weapon/I am 50, I’m putting an end to n--gas f--king with me/I am back, I am ruler with a iron fist/I am strapped, what y’all n--gas gon do with this/Wordplay all day, they say I got a gift/One shot from the fifth, n--gas career shift” raps 50.

Forever the marketing mastermind, 50 shouts out his Sleek Audio headphone line towards the end of the hard driving track amid some tough street talk the rapper is infamous for. No retaliatory words from Nas, Wiz or Kanye have been reported as of now but this makes for an interesting shakeup in the hip hop world.

In related news, 50 Cent’s 2003 major label debut Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ has reached another milestone by selling eight times platinum, according to this report from Yahoo’s Chart Watch The 8X platinum mark makes 50’s star-making album the fourth-selling rap LP of all time.

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