Game Was Impressed By Rapper Lil' Chuuuch's 'Pimp Swag' On 'Heartbreaker'

While Game may — or may not — battle Wu-Tang producer Rza in court over "Heartbreaker" included on his recent mixtape Purp & Patron double-disc mixtape and the bonus edition, Purp & Patron: The Hangover; the West Coast rapper is excited about the cut. The slow-drag sampling piece features a new MC named Lil' Chuuuch and Game spoke about his delivery to MTV News exclusively.

"This dude threw some shots out. He had a crazy lil' pimp swag," Game said of Chuuuch. "He had two girls with him. They were lookin' at this lil' n---a like he was Jesus and sh-- while he was spittin' in the booth. I felt like when he was in the booth, that I was in the movie "The Mack."

"The Mack" is a 70's blaxploitation film where the protagonist Goldie, works hard to earn his status as the biggest pimp around. As with most films of this ilk, the storyline ends in bullets but Goldie's ride to the top is fun. Our favorite part, outside of the pimp's mean hat game, is when he offers to be all things to his employees. "I want to be your mother, your brother, your ... ," says Goldie. According to Game, Chuuuch tapped into the character and used his ethos to bewitch the young ladies who traveled with him to the studio to record "Heartbreaker."

"This n---a was standin' there rockin' back and forth at the mic and these chicks was dancin' slow and seductively," Game said. "Sh-- was crazy."

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