Hip-Hop Experts Discuss Obama's State Of The Union Speech


By D.L. Chandler

On January 25, the first State Of The Union address of 2011 was slated to be delivered at 9pm EST by President Barack Obama, perhaps one of the more important speeches that the nation’s leader would ever undertake given the turbulent direction of the country. Just one hour before the speech, two leading voices for young people joined forces in Washington, D.C. to discuss what the so-called hip hop generation can do to better their standing in the world politically and socially.

AllHipHop.com and The League Of Young Voters joined together to host an event and panel discussion at the New Organizing Institute titled “State Of The Union 2011: Roadmap To Progress” with a subtheme of “Helping To Plot Your Course.” Chuck Creekmur, the founder of AllHiphop.com, Chloe Hillard, Managing Editor of VIBE Magazine and Rob “Biko” Baker, executive director of The Leauge Of Young Voters all lead the USTREAM broadcasted panel discussion that featured some of the brightest minds in the realm of youth-led political activism. With on location reporting from AllHipHop.com’s Gina Torres, the event showcased a renewed and energized voice from the hip hop generation.

“Events like this serve the critical role of translating something like the President’s State Of The Union to the general population,” shared Jessy Tolkan. “I think that President Obama has been addressing the issues and I think tonight he just furthered that. He’s invigorated the nation and got everyone excited. But now it’s on us to actually go out in the streets and carry out what he’s talking about,” said artist and activist Dee-1.

Rock The Vote’s Maegan Carberry, Def Jam's Jycorri Robinson, Christina Hollenback of youth organizing group Generational Alliance, Angela Peoples from Campus Progress, Julian McQueen from Green For All, Matt Singer from the Bus Federation, New Organizing Institute fellow Jessy Tolkan, X-Clan member and activist Paradise Gray, artist and activist Jasiri X, recording artist Tabi Bonney, writers Andreas Hale from TheWellVersed.com and Janee Bolden from the Loop21.com were all on hand to lend their thoughts to the panel discussion.

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