Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Sounds Like A 'Little Monster' Now


By Paul Cantor

Following the MTV premiere of her new video “Moment 4 Life” last night (January 27th) , Nicki Minaj sat down with Sway for an exclusive Q&A session. In the midst of it, Sway asked about the Lil Wayne-assisted remix to “Roman’s Revenge,” which leaked online January 17th. After its release, it was widely speculated in hip-hop circles that Wayne was returning a diss to Jay-Z (“Life is a puzzle, Jig-saw/ all I do is win, my name should be Victor/ old ass rappers, I’m still the s--- …”) for his subliminal shot on H.A.M. (“really, you got Baby money”). Nicki steered clear of commenting on the alleged dis, but did speak on Wayne’s presence on the track itself.

“Wayne sounds to me like a little monster,” Nicki told Sway. “His voice is like a little monster. So I can picture him in like a dungeon. And I can picture him with a straight jacket just being super super crazy.”

The off-beat track is a fave among the Barbie collective, and despite the fact that Eminem, who’s on the original, doesn’t appear on the remixed version, the addition of Wayne doesn’t seem to take anything away from it.

“[Wayne] has a very exciting tone to his voice and we’ve come to just really rely on that tone to kind of ignite us with some sort of excitement,” said Nicki. “And he’s always making like little weird growls and stuff so I think it fit perfectly.”

When asked if there was a video for the remix forthcoming, Nicki hummed the theme song to Jeopary and said: “I always like to keep surprises. I don’t ever like to just give everything away.”

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