Nicki Minaj And Drake's Ideal 'First Date'


By Rya Backer

Nicki Minaj and Drake are kind of complicated: They have a storied past, including but not limited to the time the Queens native documented on her Twitter when they decided to end their “marriage.” However, by the looks of their latest video, “Moment 4 Life,” they remain each other’s Princess and Prince Charmings. I’m really good at dating (mostly on-screen), so I felt it was my duty to pick a few places where Young Money’s happiest pair may pick up where they left off.

Spa Castle: Let’s face it — showbiz isn’t always glamorous. This is exactly why Nicki and Drake need to head over to College Point in Queens to relax in Spa Castle’s endless treatments, serenade each other in their several saunas and repair in the Healing Room (I don’t really know what going in there involves, but the name sounds appealing).

A Knicks/Raptors Game: Nicki and Drake’s respective stomping grounds meet at Madison Square Garden on April 5 and the competition will surely be … competitive. I actually haven’t followed basketball since Pat Riley and Patrick Ewing ran New York, so I can’t speak for the game itself. Perhaps Nicki and Drake can decide where to properly nest depending on which team ends up victorious? Or Drake can properly win Nicki over with endless $14 Budweiser's and stale nachos?

Shopping: Honestly, I’ve already seen the "Moment 4 Life" video and Drake’s sweatpants shook me to my core. Until the day that grown men and women understand that those bottoms are not meant to be worn outdoors (shout-out to MTV News' producer Steven Roberts, who wore them the other day to work and I couldn’t even look him in the eye), Nicki can goad her man into buying a pair of proper pants. Drake can reciprocate buy picking up the Pink Bugatti that Nicki’s been bugging Baby for.

The Central Park Zoo: Nothing encourages igniting animal instincts more than gawking at actual animals, and there are plenty of them here. Drake can take Nicki into the Zoo’s Rainforest and have her reenact the "Massive Attack" video, reminding him exactly why he fell in love with this lady in the first place.

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