Wiz Khalifa, Odd Future's Domo Genesis Tussle Over Rolling Papers LP Title

By D.L. Chandler

In a battle of pothead world supremacy, there was a potential tussle between Odd Future’s resident weed head Domo Genesis and the Taylor Gang head Wiz Khalifa.

On Wednesday (January 26), Wiz tweeted both the name of his upcoming Atlantic debut and the release date, March 29. However the title of his album, Rolling Papers stirred up a bit of conflict in rap's underground, reminiscent of Cory Gunz and Rick Ross' God Forgives But I Don't LP tiff. Domo Genesis’ critically acclaimed solo debut is also titled Rolling Papers, which sparked Odd Future’s leader Tyler The Creator to tweet some not-so-friendly words at the Pittsburgh rapper from his naughtily titled @f---tyler account, which have been lightly edited for grammar.

"@RealWizKhalifa N---a wtf, Domo already had that sh--. Ask ya boy Spitta and f---ing Dza, that's no f---ing swag," Tyler The Creator tweeted.

The 19-year-old Internet sensation added in another few words, "Everyone on my friends list, tell that n---a Wiz Khalifa to give @damiergenesis his f---ing album title back. Wolf Gang."

In case you're confused, Odd Future's full group name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don't Give A F---, hence the abridged nickname, Wolf Gang. Domo also addressed Wiz in 140 characters, leaving much of the social media network's users aghast at the titles' similarities. However, Domo eventually let the issue settle down and took the higher road before it morphed into a much nastier scenario.

"@RealWizKhalifa Yo not swag bro, I used that name already. I'm sure you see those tweets," he wrote.

The Wolf Gang stoner later added, "Glad to see yall f--- with me OFWGKTA. Not sweating anything man, we gone keep it moving, much success to everybody."

Wiz Khalifa has yet to address the issue but the buzzing young star barely has time with AFC halftime championship performances and high profile late night appearances.

The rapper appeared on the late night show "Lopez Tonight," sporting a newly dyed ‘do — a streak on the left side of his cropped afro boasting what one can assume to be Pittsburgh Steelers yellow in honor of his hometown football team’s ascent to the Super Bowl game. Wiz was a crowd favorite and his cool confidence was on total display with a audience-pleasing performance with host Lopez looking on approvingly.

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