Lil B Doesn't Like 'When A Girl Thinks She Looks Better Than I Do' On 'First Date'


By Rya Backer

My MTV News co-producer, and the wind beneath my wings, Steven Roberts and I really took to rapper Lil B The Based God about one year ago. Right around the time he cured racism via Twitter (there's no way I can find the actual Tweet, but it involved eradicating all ethnicities and making everyone "gray").

Steven eventually interviewed the Berkeley rapper last summer and when Steven and I decided to bring back our storied franchise "First Date," there was only one man I wanted to go on a classy adventure with — Mr. B.

The Pack group alumni and I went to the restaurant Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown, a favorite from my NYU days (go ... Bobcats?), and had everything but "Wonton Soup." What did I think of him?: I don't have a single bad thing to say about B. He was incredibly nice and enthusiastic about all of the support he's garnered from his Internet groundswell. He was also very patient with my trying to teach him how to use chopsticks, and really happy to hear that I'm half Persian.

Steven and I really hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. And please tell us who we should date next? Our moms would really appreciate it.

Last year, B explained his theory of "Based music" for those of us who weren't already in the know.

"Well, based really is being yourself, being positive, not really worrying too much about what people think about you. Really saying what comes to your mind first," Lil B told Mixtape Daily. "It's like unconscious. Really not premeditating, saying, 'Imma do this, I'mma say this, I'mma be this way,' but really just going with the flow."

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