Should Drake Return To Acting?: 5 Reasons It's Not A Bad Idea

By Chris Yuscavage, with additional reporting by Hillary Crosley

It looks like Drake may be headed back to Hollywood.

Two years after his final appearance on the hit TV show "Degrassi," the Toronto MC is rumored to star alongside Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon and Eva Green in a financial thriller called "Arbitrage," according to entertainment site The Wrap. RapFix asked Drake's camp and learned that he's "reading for various roles and projects." Production for the film is rumored to begin this March in New York.

But, is this really the best career move for Drake? He's been hard at work preparing his much-anticipated second album, Take Care, and taking time off could hurt the final product. However, here at RapFix, we think that Drake's decision to film a movie could ultimately be a good one. Here's why:

1. Filming prevents Drake from artistic burn out

If Drake continues at the pace he's going now — recording his own solo stuff and making guest appearances on everyone else's tracks — he's going to get tired at some point and need a break. Starring in a movie will be a good way for Drake to get a short break. It'll prevent him from burning out but it'll also allow him to continue working in a different space and make him hungrier than ever before once he gets back into the booth.

2. Movies will give rap fans the chance to miss him

We love Drake, but if he continues to be ubiquitous, we are going to need a break of him just as badly as he needs a break from the game. We don't want to see him disappear for too long, but if Drake takes a month or two to go out and do his Hollywood thing, it'd only help him in the long run. And it'd make us that much more anxious to hear Take Care.

3. To work with Al Pacino is the chance of a lifetime

Drizzy's teamed up with Lil Wayne, spit alongside Jay-Z and broken bread with Diddy. With each of those experiences, we're sure he learned a lesson about surviving in the rap game. Getting some insight from a Hollywood legend like Al Pacino could only add to the wealth of knowledge that Drake's already accumulated and help him as he moves forward in his career.

4. People will stop thinking of Drizzy as "the guy from Degrassi"

When we use the words "Drake" and "acting" in the same sentence, what immediately comes to mind? If you didn't just think "Degrassi," you're lying. Drake's been pigeonholed as "the Degrassi guy" since he started rapping a few years ago. Starring in a mainstream film would round out his calling card as an actor and help get a few of the haters off his back.

5. Diversity is a great thing

Record, do a show, get on a tour bus, head to another city. Wash, rinse, repeat. That's been Drake's life since he released the super-successful Thank Me Later. Getting out of that cycle — even if just for a few weeks — could be good for him and allow him time to think about things other than music. And ultimately, that could help the music be even better.

Do you think Drake should take time off from recording Take Care to film a movie, or do you think it'll cause him to suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump when his second album drops? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!