The Rej3ctz 'Cat Daddy' Is MTV Jams' Jam Of The Week


By D.L. Chandler

Hard work really does pay off.

After one year of promoting their single "Cat Daddy," pioneering Los Angeles and Jerk music trio The Rej3ctz have landed the coveted MTV Jams' "Jam Of The Week" slot for their new video. The clip depicts their dance craze which shares the same name as the single — along with a little assistance from a certain R&B singer also known for his footwork.

Directed by Alex Nazari, Rej3ctz members Mowii, Pee W33 and Bounc3 enlisted crooner Chris Brown for their video, which was shot on California's Venice Beach boardwalk.

“Our bro Rej3ct Sam he called us up Iike ‘Man, I got this dance called the ‘Cat Daddy,’ ” Bounc3 shared on how the dance and song came about. “We ran with it, straight to [our producer] JHawk like 'We need a beat asap.' We sittin’ there doing the Cat Daddy and he’s making the beat around our dance. It happened so naturally we just knew it was gonna be a hit.”

The track was lifted from the group’s 2010 mixtape The FUNKtion and the JHawk-produced beat provides ample bass and space for the MCs to go to work. The dizzying dance moves from the group and Breezy — whose vocals are not featured on the track — are coupled with bits of their verses flashed on screen, all creating a chaotic symmetry with the track.

“Man I go to work, true winner/ Jeans skinny, like Squidworth/ Lookin’ for ya girl, just missed her/ Did my cat daddy, then I took her down, timber,” the dreadlocked Bounc3 raps.

Mowii, who has toured the world as a backup dancer for Madonna, follows behind his partner with hushed verses. “You heard of Too Short, I’m too long/ I’m in the club, all black, goin’ Akon,” raps the dancer. Pee W33 anchors the song with his own take on the dance all while hoisted upon the shoulders of one of his fellow party-goers.

The Rej3ctz have long been considered the originators of the Jerk movement in Los Angeles, beginning with the crew being credited with the dance, “the Reject.” RapFix caught up with the festive rappers during a recording studio break to talk about carving their own paths.

“We have invented this title and it is called 'Renaissance Artists,' ” the passionate Mowii exclaimed. “I’m a very wild spirit so this is for everybody who tells me ‘You can’t do this Mowii, you have to go to school, Mowii’ [but] f--- that. I’m a little boy from Compton so you can’t tell me what I can’t do."

Mowii’s partners Bounc3 and Pee W33 may have had a head start over him rap-wise, but the Compton kid's exposure as a touring dancer and instructor has opened the trio's style to the world. The longtime friends were previously fixtures in the dance, primarily “crump," community. The group’s connection to Chris Brown is not newly formed either, Breezy is now considered part of the crew after working alongside the guys in his videos and on his tour.

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