Lil B Says 'Based Is Being Yourself' + RapFix's Photo Gallery

"Thank you BasedGod," is the phrase that echoed through New York's Highline Ballroom on Thursday (January 13). Click here to see our photo gallery. Lil B stopped by 1515 last year and explained his "based" catchphrase.

"Well, based really is being yourself, being positive, not really worrying too much about what people think about you. Really saying what comes to your mind first," Lil B told Mixtape Daily. "It's like unconscious. Really not premeditating, saying, 'Imma do this, I'mma say this, I'mma be this way,' but really just going with the flow."

The Berkeley, California rapper Lil B took over the venue in the Big Apple's Chelsea neighborhood to a sold-out crowd. MTV News' Steven Roberts hit the show — Event? Spectacle? — and had this to say:

"Throughout his set, Lil B stopped to address the audience about his message of positivity, sign autographs and collect random articles clothing. While awesome, these did contribute to considerable lulls in the show, along with performances of his more experimental material from the Rain in England LP, where he somehow raps over ambient music. A feat which he says he is the first to accomplish, I’m just going to take his word. And while he may not be the strongest lyricist, he does have some decent, "normal" rap songs. The crowd, however, was there to hear his based freestyles.

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was when he passed his mic around to the crowd so they could "Thank The BasedGod."


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