Lil B The BasedGod, Explained: A RapFix Journey

On Thursday night (January 13), the Northern California rapper Lil B hit the stage in New York city. It's safe to say that rap's media elite are infatuated with the "Vans" co-author to say the least, but here at RapFix, we ... frankly, are still trying to understand what it means to be "based." So we thought it'd be a great time for our in-house Lil B expert, also known as producer Steven Roberts, to explain this kid's world. If you're confused about the BasedGod, we sincerely hope this blog post helps you like it helped us.

Steven Roberts: Ready homie?

RapFix: Yep, crap, I'm trying to go to Lil B's Tumblr page but the server's overcapacity now

Steven Roberts: What server?


Steven Roberts: Works for me, probably because I'm based

RapFix: OK, it works now

Steven Roberts: Because you believe

RapFix: I'm going to listen to various Lil B clips to add to the BasedGod element, beginning with 'Pretty Boy.' He's saying 'hoes on my d--- cause I look like Jesus' ... ?

Steven Roberts: It's just the way he's feeling that day, he also looks like Matlock, J.K. Rowling and Bill Clinton

RapFix: 'I'ma die with 30 bitches on my d---, 100 bitches, 30 bitches ... ' What?

Steven Roberts: Classic, watch this one

RapFix: What's the deal with the 'BasedGod F--- My Bitch'? meme taking over the Internet?

Steven Roberts: Basically it's how his fans relate to him and his music, they're comfortable enough to let him sleep with their girl

RapFix: But what do the girls think about this? Has anyone gotten their opinion?

Steven Roberts: It's like offering a guest a glass of water or wine when they come over to your house. I don't know if you're following him on Twitter but they're usually for it. Clearly I'm not speaking for all girls but those that love the based god

RapFix: Obviously

Steven Roberts: Swag

RapFix: Swag. I'm listening to 'Wonton Soup' and he says that he drops the roof on his car and it looks like wonton soup ... wouldn't that be impractical?

Steven Roberts: 'Wonton Soup' is a metaphor I think

RapFix: For ... ?

Steven Roberts: Um, listen again ... the key line is "then I park my car and then I f--- your bitch"

RapFix: I feel a theme arising. So since this RapFix blog is supposed to tell us about Lil B, and help us understand how to be 'Based' ... what's up with the rapper's featured photography on his Tumblr and this half-sign photo? And this one?

Steven Roberts: It's just art, man. These are things at inspire and interest him

RapFix: But how are the birds just like us? Because I'm fly because I (should) pray to the BasedGod?

Steven Roberts: I think you're just trying to twist it around to make it like negative, he's just doing his thing. Instead of pointing out the differences lets discover the similarities that make us great.

RapFix: Like the BasedGod and I both enjoy "The Lord of the Rings"?

Steven Roberts: Exactly. Swag

RapFix: But when did the 'Pray to the BasedGod' ground swell begin? And do you pray to the aforementioned "deity"?

Steven Roberts: I'm an atheist, but I don't think anyone actually believes he's a deity ... I think from day one he meant that he was the god of based music.

RapFix: Wait, so what's based music? A genre where one repeatedly free associates the names of famous people with [expletives deleted]?

Steven Roberts: I think fans are just having a good time connecting with the kid. Lol, I think you're putting way to much thought into this by trying to analyze it.

RapFix: I demand answers!

Steven Roberts: He just wants to rap naturally ... a free stream of consciousness and just feel free to be himself.

RapFix: OK, so he just wants to be free. Alright ... Sidenote: Why is every photo on his own Tumblr page described as "rare"?

Steven Roberts: Because it is rare ... have you seen that photo before?

RapFix: LOL, no

Steven Roberts: Exactly. Swag

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