Def Jam Exec Sha Money XL Announces Haitian Hip-Hop EP With Seca Konsa

One year after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, hip-hop's devoted have continued efforts to aid those in need. MTV News spoke to Def Jam's senior VP of A&R Micheal "Sha Money XL" Clervoix about his mission to give back to his family's homeland as a Haitian American.

"My family and I have sent money, clothes and food directly to the people back home in my mother's town of Limbé as well as people in the capitol, Port-Au-Prince," Clervoix said.

Wyclef Jean, who attempted to run for president of the country last year but was denied the opportunity, spearheaded the most publicized non-profit organization for Haiti, Yéle Haiti.

"We have also donated to Wyclef's foundation so he can continue his great efforts," the industry executive said. "I have close relatives we have funded to go back and forth for the last year at least eight times and the fight continues.

"I will also be using my musical talents to put a Haitian hip-hop EP together with Creole Haitian rap stars Seca Konsa and others. All proceeds will go back to Haiti," he continued.

Jean spoke to New York's Power 105 radio station on Wednesday.

"Today marks the day when it all happened, so the streets … it looks like a ghost town out here," Wyclef observed. "Yéle Haiti is a grassroots organization. What I knew was one year later the proof would be in the pudding. Right now, for everybody that was going hard on Yéle, I encourage you to go up on the site and you will see that we are perhaps one of the only foundations at this time that can show you proof of where your money went."

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