Producer Lex Luger Says Kanye West, Jay-Z's 'H.A.M.' Is 'Aggressive'

On Thursday (January 6), Kanye West tweeted that he and Jay-Z would return with a new single, "H.A.M." on "1.11.11."  Rumors swirled that Lex Luger, the man behind Waka Flocka's "Hard In Da Paint," Rick Ross' "B.M.F." and 'Ye's "See Me Now," produced the track so MTV News checked in with the Virginia native to confirm.

"I don't know exactly when they recorded the record, but I sent the track a couple months ago," Luger told MTV News. "[We traded beats] through email. When I met Kanye and Jay in New York for the "See Me Now" record, I dropped a couple tracks off. I'm not for sure if that one was one of them."

The 19-years-old describes the track he crafted as "aggressive and hard" because he was under quite a bit of stress when he was in the lab. However, he's doesn't "know the direction they had on the track."

And while he hasn't heard the final product, he's confident in Kanye's creativity.

"I'm pretty sure they did very good job like Waka and Ross did to 'B.M.F.' and 'Hard in Da Paint,' " Luger said.

Earlier this month, Luger told us that he's also collaborating with another Brooklyn native.

"I've been working more with Fabolous," he said. "I've been working with everybody, a lot of people been saying that 'Lex Luger only got that Waka sound' so I'm trying to take it somewhere else because I do have another sound, and that's where I want to take it for 2011."

The young man, who also contributed to Ross' Ashes To Ashes mixtape, said that he created "Hard In Da Paint" at 16 years-old and met Flocka through the web.

"I met Waka through MySpace and I was sending him beats like every other day and he told  me 'I want to fly you out here in a couple months, I just want to get everything squared away,' " recalled Lex. "He was blowing up, but he hadn't really popped but once he got everything right I went out there and stayed with him for a couple months. We just went hard, and every since people heard me and Waka working together, that's when Rick Ross and Fabolous came because they liked that sound."

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