Foxy Brown Disses Lil' Kim In 'Christmas Massacre' Snippet

On January 5, Foxy Brown promised via Twitter that her "Christmas Massacre" track would arrive via Hot 97, however a snippet of the dis track aimed at Lil' Kim leaked to the web on Saturday.

"That bullsh-- 'Black Friday' sh-- was garbage, how the f--- you love Big and sh-- ... Ballerina dancing bitch, not a hip-hop artist," Foxy rhymes. "Been lame bitch stutting the hardest, ain't nothing changed c---suckers still pop big sh-- n---a with the red bottoms on, still raky raky."

The track begins to the beat of the holiday song "Jingle Bell Rock" before melting into a sometimes inaudible list of why Lil' Kim isn't one of Foxy's favorite people. And while rumors circulated that this track was aimed at both Kim and Nicki Minaj, Fox, who's also introduced herself through the new nickname Machine Gun Kelly, wrote that she and Nicki don't have any problems with one another.

"First you hating on Foxy, then you hating Minaj-y ... ," she spits. "Brooklyn, let me ask you something, I'm taking it home, with my Timbs on and a microphone/ Ya'll just bear witness to the ... rise and fall of Ms. Kimberly Jones."

The "Christmas Massacre," or "Massacre" as Foxy refers to the cut via Twitter, seems to be a response to the Brooklyn femcees' long-standing rivalry. But the femcee made it clear via Twitter on Saturday that she didn't want this version of the song to surface either, blaming "some ... interns leaking my practice." And while Foxy has a beef with Lil' Kim, Kim continued her war of words against Nicki Minaj by shooting a video for her dis song "Black Friday" in New York last week. The cut is a response to Minaj's "Roman's Revenge" track on Pink Friday.

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