Spotted: 50 Cent And Jay-Z

By Rahman Dukes

Following his New Years Eve performance at the Marquee nightclub in Las Vegas, Jay-Z and his better half Beyonce partied it up until the wee hours with Diddy, Rihanna, Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and ... 50 Cent. The kings of rap posed for photos along with Mayweather, putting aside any indifference they had in the past to rest.

Over the past year and a half both Jay and Fif have publicly taken shots at each other as fans salivated for potentially one of hip-hop's biggest battle. While the G-Unit head took his issues with Hov to wax, the Brooklyn mastermind never once mentioned 50 on a record. Thankfully the beef would come to an end after the two privately spoke backstage during the first night of Eminem and Jay’s Home Away From Home tour in Detroit.

"We got a chance to kick it for a minute," 50 said of the meeting. "I know people were interested in what that conversation was like. But they can ask Jay-Z. I take people's actions as if it's genuinely how they feel. I can only use what I saw you do as if that's what you meant. I can't understand what your motivation was prior to that."

50 sounded a bit unsure if the meeting of the minds would spawn a new collaboration amongst the New York giants but in the New Year anything could be possible.

Someone get Beanie Sigel on the horn.

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