Nas Says 'My Man Barack' Obama Will Take Care Of The People


By Alvin Blanco with reporting by Rahman Dukes

If there is anything Barack Obama can count on, it's support from Nas. MTV News was with the Queens MC just after he found out the Senate passed the 9/11 Health bill that will grant over $4 billion in medical care to first responders in the World Trade Center attack.

"I support my president. I never really had a president, until now," Nas said. "So I look at the president as a real human being and ... he is the one that's the chosen one that's here to take care of all our needs no matter what."

Despite partisan roadblocks from Republicans — who will have the House majority beginning in 2011 — the Obama administration was able to pass key legislation at the end of 2010. On December 22, the president signed the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Act that finally ended the military's policy that the prevented open homosexuals from serving. That same day the Senate also managed to pass the 9/11 Health Bill.

But even before the bills were passed, Nas' confidence in Obama never seemed to waver.

"I just back him and support him, and only he can do these things that the other presidents didn't get a chance to, because they did great things, I'm sure, but this is a different day and age that's crying out for what we need," Nas explained. "And my man Barack is the guy to give it to us. He's going to make it work no matter who's against it, 'cause he's really for all people."

Like the president's, Nas' 2010 had its highs and lows. In May, Esco released a collaborative album with the late Bob Marley's youngest son, Damian, called Distant Relatives. Nas wanted to release the next volume of his Lost Tapes series but ran into friction with Def Jam label. An e-mail Nas wrote to label executives chastising them for stalling the project's release leaked online in October. But maybe the same kind of last-minute support Obama received will help Nas too: A petition was recently started by fans calling for Def Jam to release The Lost Tapes 2, and it has almost 5,000 signatures.