Dre. Dre X Eminem X Jay-Z X 50 Cent "Syllables" Track Leaks

By D.L. Chandler and Rahman Dukes

Earlier yesterday mixtape kingpin DJ Bike Mike warned an alleged mega-smash record featuring Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and 50 Cent dubbed "Syllables" would be released to "start the new year off right." Hours later the rumored Dr. Dre produced track made it's debut online [Click here to listen].

"It is not about lyrics anymore" a sped up Eminem declares at the beginning of the record that also features Ca$his and Stat Quo. "It's about a hot beat and a catchy hook."

"If we gotta dumb down our style and 'A-B-C' and so be it, 'cause nowadays these kids, geez, don't give a sheeet 'bout lyrics" Em raps. "All we know is the chorus because the chorus repeats the same four words for us."

Em, Jay, Dre and Fif go toe to toe with some of their sharpest lines with all never before heard verses. However, the origins of "Syllables," when it was recorded and where it's home will be remains a mystery. Eminem's verse for example, references our well beloved TRL show while Hov's bars are reminicent of his "Hard Knock Life" days. New York mixtape fixture DJ Big Mike tweeted about the collaboration via a tweet sent on Monday (December 27) but gave no indication who released the track.

The “three-headed monster” trio of 50, Dre, and Slim Shady already make for a naturally potent mix. The addition of Jigga to the legendary rap powerhouse lineup inspires a compelling argument of which of these microphone titans stole the show – not to mention the history of the collaborators. Eminem and Jay-Z have linked several times in the past, including the epic “Home and Home” tour earlier this year that kicked off in grand fashion in Em’s hometown city of Detroit. Dre and Jigga have collaborated on countless occasions as well. Although the self-proclaimed King of Rap Jay Hova and 50 Cent have feuded off and on in the past the pair toured together at the height of Fif's career and recorded a theme song for their joint Reebok campaign.

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