Jay Electronica's Mountain Dew Commerical: A RapFix First Look

By D.L. Chandler

The wins keep piling up for rapper MC Jay Electronica. Fresh on the heels of signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint and amicably ending a reportedly related beef with Diddy, the esoteric MC’s formerly low profile has expanded — catapulting Jay into his first commercial endorsement with soft drink company Mountain Dew’s "Code Red" soda according to Miss Info.

The Mountain Dew campaign "It’s Different On The Mountain" — helmed by advertising agency Anomaly — meshes visuals for the crimson beverage alongside a remixed version of Jay Electronica’s Roc Nation coming out song "The Announcement." While the former version of the track was a sparse and near spooky affair, the remix ramps up the energy and taking nothing from Jay’s potent and prophetic lyrics.

The commercial, shot on location in Jay’s native New Orleans, begins with a shot of the rapper preparing for a live show in a local nightclub with a cleverly placed bottle of the drink. The scene shifts to the dapper Louisiana lyric slinger walking out of an adjoining dressing room hall onstage to a rabid audience. Closing his eyes, Jay Elec’s mesmerizing rhymes excite the crowd who suddenly fade away, showing the rapper performing to an empty auditorium and without backing instrumentals. Jay then utters an interpolation of the product’s catchphrase, "Hip-Hop is different on my mountain" at the end of the commercial.

While a pairing of the metaphysical wordsmith and Mountain Dew doesn’t compute immediately, credit should be given to Roc Nation’s marketing muscle for pushing Jay’s image out front and familiarizing the underground titan with a generation to which he's largely an unknown.

Jay Electronica’s upcoming release "Act II: The Pledge" is tentatively to be released this month.

*images courtesy of Miss Info

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