Drake And J.Cole: 10 Song Suggestions For Their Next Collaboration

By Chris Yuscavage

It's official: Drake and J. Cole are BFFs!

OK, not really. But the two upstart MCs have certainly been spending an awfully lot of time together over the course of the last month. In November, the pair collaborated on "In The Morning," a track off Cole's Friday Night Lights mixtape, that featured Drizzy and Cole rapping about early morning encounters with females. Last weekend, Cole brought Drake out on stage to perform the track during a tour stop in Drizzy's hometown of Toronto. The two just announced that they are set to go out on tour together next month in the UK. And recently, Cole told RESPECT magazine that the duo is already talking about collaborating on another track, possibly for Cole's as-yet-untitled debut album or Drake's sophomore set, Take Care.

If another Drake/ J. Cole collaboration actually comes to fruition on either project, great. Drake and Cole have already been crowned by many as the torchbearers for the new generation of rap (the next Jay-Z and Nas, eh?) so they should definitely continue working together well into the future. We just hope they take a slightly different approach on their next project. Because while we enjoyed "In The Morning," we know these two have the potential to do something even better. To help get them moving in the right direction, RapFix came up with 10 different song suggestions Drake and Cole should think about using when they get back into the studio together. What do you say, fellas?

The Suggested Song Title: "Young Guns"

The Premise: Drizzy and Cole talk about what it's like to be two of the faces of the future of rap on this track with each of them pondering how they got into the game and what they think they'll need to stay there.

Would It Work?: It probably wouldn't be the smash hit that people are expecting from these two—or the No. 1 song in the club — but this would be the kind of song we'd want to look back on ten years from now when both of them are seven albums deep sitting on top of the world.

The Suggested Song Title: "I'm Better"

The Premise: On this track, both artists would playfully rap about what makes them better than the other—before agreeing to disagree and encouraging others to do the same rather than simply siding with one of them over the other.

Would It Work?: Yes! The whole "J. Cole or Drake?" conversation has infiltrated everything from blog comments (shout out to the person who will inevitably write, "DRAKE!" on this particular blog's comment board) to Facebook status updates. Addressing that in a song is a must for these two rappers.

The Suggested Song Title: "Been Around the World"

The Premise: An updated version of Diddy's "Been Around the World." With these two headed out on tour overseas at the top of 2011, we get the feeling they're gonna be feeling pretty international by the time they touch down back in the States. A song that captures that feeling could go a long way to actually helping them both go global.

Would It Work?: It might be a bit premature—after all, J. Cole hasn't even released a proper debut album yet—but it's not super far-fetched to think that these two could captivate a large part of the world before the end of next year. And it doesn't hurt to dream, right?

The Suggested Song Title: "Distant Lovers," featuring Rihanna

The Premise: We're not necessarily advocating another Drake/ J. Cole song aimed at pleasing female listeners, but if it has to be done, let's blow it out, guys. Grab Rih-Rih to sing the hook on a song about all the chicks you've bagging as you've moved throughout different parts of the country and world.

Would It Work?: A song with Drake, J. Cole and Rihanna on it? Hm, let us think about that one and get back to you.

The Suggested Song Title: "I'm Jay, He's Nas"

The Premise: If Drizzy and Cole want to shut down the rap blogs for a day, try throwing this joint out into the blogosphere. The catch? Drake and Cole spend the entire song trying to figure out who is Jay and who is Nas when people compare the duo to the two rap legends. Get someone like DJ Premier on the hook and this one goes down in history.

Would It Work?: Yes, yes, yes, yes and ... yes. In fact, can anyone slide us Drizzy's # by chance? We'd like to get this one over to him ASAP.

The Suggested Song Title: "Dead Precedence"

The Premise: See what we did there? Ha. Jay and Nas first appeared on a track together (albeit through a Nas sample) on Hov's "Dead Presidents" from 1996's Reasonable Doubt. This would play off the title of that and dead whatever perceived rivalry exists between the two.

Would It Work?: This is just weird enough to work. It'd probably be best on a mixtape though and probably best over the actual "Dead Presidents" sample.

The Suggested Song Title: "Unusual Suspects"

The Premise: If you'd told us five years ago that two of the biggest rap stars in America would be from Toronto, Canada and Fayetteville, North Carolina, we would've LOL'd all the way to a Jay-Z concert. It doesn't seem so crazy now, though, does it?

Would It Work?: It wouldn't be that controversial — or that catchy — but a song like this could go a long way as far as showcasing how far rap music has grown over the course of the last few decades. We know, we know, that doesn't have "top of the Billboard charts" written all over it, but you do know that that doesn't have to be goal for these two, right?

The Suggested Song Title: "New Money"

The Premise: If these two really are the torchbearers for hip-hop now, they're also about to become the breadwinners. This song would feature them breaking down their new-found relationship with the almighty dollar.

Would It Work?: A rap song about making money? It's not terribly ground-breaking, but it's money in the bank.

The Suggested Song Title: "Living Out Our Dreams," featuring Kanye West

The Premise: 'Ye could definitely cook up a soulful banger for these two to rock to as they rap about all the things they're doing today that they never thought they're be doing. Including, you know, taking over the rap game.

Would It Work?: As if Drake and J. Cole wasn't enough, now we're adding Kanye West into the mix? Of course a song featuring thee three artists would work.

The Suggested Song Title: "Give Me The Mic"

The Premise: The one thing rap fans seem to want that Drake and Cole haven't given them yet is a song that features both of them dropping their hottest 16s side-by-side. Someone needs to slide them an "A Milli" type of beat and let them go to work.

Would It Work?: They can come up with all the concepts they want, but the truth is that the thing that makes Drake and J. Cole working together right now is the whole "Drake vs. J. Cole" dynamic. Playing off that might just be the best way for them to go.

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