Nicki Minaj Celebrates With Behind-The-Scenes Video + The RapFix Quote of the Day


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Sway Calloway

"I hate to say it, but a lot of people harbor just a lot of just hate, envy. It almost feels like, because I'm where I am, they're where they are. I didn't do this to you; I didn't do this to your career. I'm responsible for Nicki; you're responsible for you."

On Tuesday (December 22) Nicki Minaj chatted with our own Sway between takes of her filming her forthcoming "Moment 4 Life" video. In addition to alluding that she and Drake would have a mini-romance in the clip — did you see that bed behind Drake when Sway interviewed? Whoa — she also spoke indirectly on Lil' Kim and other detractors who've said hurtful things about her and her career.

Minaj said: "When you see someone else being successful and your first instinct is to tear them apart, that's just a sign of you feeling unhappy with your achievements. But what I try to explain to people is: Whenever you feel like that — and we all feel like that sometimes, like 'Ah, somebody's doing it. Somebody's popping a lot' — use that as fuel to go hard. That's what I did."


The "Moment 4 Life" video is slated to debut at the top of 2011 as the MC's first visual of the new year. The clip will also make light of the "romantic" relationship between Nicki and Drake, though we remember when RapFix readers voted that Drizzy should be with Keri Hilson. Still true?

Nicki's behind-the-scenes footage is courtesy of Derick G.

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