50 Cent, Snoop Dogg Hop On YG's 'Toot It And Boot It Remix' Video


By Vanessa Denis

A "G-mix" sure is a popular title these days. Not only has Wiz Khalifa released "Black & Yellow G-mix" but so has Los Angeles rapper YG. The Def Jam artist released the remix video for his single "Toot It And Boot It" with the help of 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg on Tuesday (December 21). The clip is directed by Alex Nazari.

A shot of YG, a California native, opens the video, depicting the rapper in a bed, nudging women in deep sleep around him. Sliding off bed and dressing, he heads to the bathroom to wash his face and is transported to a club.

"First time I met her, I ain’t know she was a freak/ Now I give her a girlfriend when she want something to eat," 50 Cent rhymes, beginning the track. "She likes her, I love us/ them both my bitches, n---a don’t touch/ We got an open relationship/so I f--- with whoever I wanna f--- with."

The shots of Fif alternate between the MC sitting in an grey thermal top and jeans seated in a club and standing in a hallway wearing a black leather jacket, shades and distressed jeans. E-40 also stops by the clip, sporting a plaid top and an San Francisco Giants fitted cap.

As 50’s verse wraps up, Snoop Dogg joins the party doing his trademark two-step. Once YG spits his rhymes, Snoop delivers his familiar flow.

"My nephew YG said, Uncle Snoop Dogg, 'I got a pack of broads and I’m tryna hit ‘em all'/ kick ‘em out and hit ‘em all," Snoop rhymed. "Bounce ‘til you ball and roll with the Dogg/ blow an ounce ‘til you fall/ Come anew, I’ma do, I’ma who/ Girl I’m an icon hit you in the dark with no lights on/ with my ice on."

With Fif and Snoop on YG's "Toot It & Boot It G-mix," Def Jam's newcomer will definitely give West Coast radio stations some holiday cheer.

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