Cory Gunz Says Drake, Lil Wayne Treat Him 'Like A Brother'


By D.L. Chandler, with reporting by Sway Calloway

Hobnobbing with two of hip-hop’s biggest names — Lil Wayne and Drake to be exact – has yet to distill even one small iota of humility in Young Money wordsmith Cory Gunz.

Recently, the Bronx, NY native sat down with Sway to discuss his close connection and admiration of all of the artists in Young Moolah’s growing empire and sharing how he and Drake both have a fondness for underground hip-hop.

"First time I really sat it kicked it with Drake, it was like we were brothers almost," the humble Cory Gunz said. "It wasn’t like I was buzzing or nothing. He’s at a pinnacle in his career — even with Wayne — and he treated me so good as far as like being brothers. Drake’s kicking it with me in his trailer when he could have been [like] 'Yo, get this dude outta here.' "

Gunz further revealed he and Drizzy’s rap discussions and how the Toronto MC personal persona contrasts with his public perception.

"They got a picture painted of Drizzy whether it be looking at him like he’s just on some straight R&B, [but] Drake knows hip-hop," Cory shared. "He listens to the greats like J Dilla, like good hip-hop. He knows his stuff."

The Uptown MC also insisted that their group's closeness is sincere.

"We all pick up the phone for each other, it’s nothing funny," Gunz said. "It’s not a façade, it’s family…I’m blessed."

Fresh from a blistering feature on Lil Wayne’s first post-prison track "6 Foot 7 Foot," the spotlight on Cory Gunz should brighten, especially after Weezy's announcement, via a post on his blog WeezyThanxYou, that fans have driven the song to no. 1 on iTunes.

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