Joe Budden On DJ Drama And 2010's 'Return Of The Mixtape'


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Sway Calloway

2010 was a healthy year for mixtapes and we were grateful, considering there were a few years where it was all too quiet on the tape front.

During our annual Mixtape Daily Year-End Awards last week — where we announced our Top Mixtapes, Top Mixtape DJs, Fire Starter, Top Mixtape Artists and Top Mixtape Producers — we spoke to DJ Drama about his own comeback and how the last 12 months chronicled a resurgence of the mixtape industry. During "RapFix Live" on Thursday (December 16) MTV News' Sway spoke to Joe Budden about the game.

"I think there was a time when mixtapes stopped becoming so important," Joe Budden said. "I'm not really sure about the time frame but there was a time where they fell off a little bit. So to see so many people, I don't know who's responsible for the comeback, whether it be artists like Wayne or Drake or Fab, I don't really know but I'd say they're pretty important now."

Sway then asked the New Jersey MC what he thought was the most meaningful mixtape in his catalog.

"Mood Muzik 2," Budden said without hesitation. "At that point, people weren't really sure how good of an MC I was, how credible I was or what direction I was trying to go. And I'm sure people didn't think that i was capable of doing some of the things that I did on that particular mixtape so it was very shocking for people."

Like Snoop Dogg's ability to dress like a sailor on the newest Gorillaz' video for "Welcome To The World Of Plastic Beach" and still be taken seriously, Budden can release tapes at his whim and his fans continue to love him.

Do you think Mood Muzik 2 is Joe Budden's best work? If not, what is your favorite Budden mixtape? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!