Kanye West Is Only Man To Win MTV News' Most Fashionable Celebs


By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Jocelyn Vena

As if winning MTV News' Man of the Year wasn't enough, Kanye West's also snagged a spot on our 2010 Most Fashionable Celebs round-up. In fact, 'Ye is the only man on the list.

Kanye West

There aren't many guys who are able to stand up in the fashion ring alongside the ladies, but Kanye West isn't just any guy. He's a guy who can wear a grill, a giant chain and a red suit all at once and somehow make it look sophisticated and not gaudy. On his Twitter page, he always shows love to high-end designers like Lanvin and has us salivating over his taste in couture.

Standout Moments: His VMA performance suit was red-hot and a reference to the similar outfit he wore to the BET Awards earlier that was equally eye-catching. His suits from the "Runaway" film were so well-tailored, and the plaid blazer he wore to the "We Are the World" recording session was gaudy and purely Yeezy.

RapFix dissected 'Ye's style transition earlier this year when the MC was just beginning his Rosewood movement, peppered with hard bottom shows, suit jackets, velvet slippers and actual roses.

"Based on the all-pink Calvin Klein suit he wore recently in Singapore, the all red suit at the BET Awards in July and some Twitpics he's posted of himself in a bright blue-green jacket paired with other solid colors, I think he's definitely going for more of that Raf Simmons color-blocking look," Katie Hintz-Zambrano, fashion journalist, said. "He'll probably mix that with some old school hip-hop elements like the huge over-sized gold chains and some more gothic influences like in the 'Power' video ... I think he's moving out of the 80s and into the 90s. Thank God."

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