Charles Hamilton Arrested In Cleveland, Ohio

By D.L. Chandler

Troubled rapper Charles Hamilton’s strange and emotional ride full of curious antics — ranging from supposed beat stealing to forged friendships — landed the former Interscope Records rapper in jail on December 10.

According to sources in Hamilton's camp, RapFix learned that Charles Hamilton was embarking on a cross-country journey to Los Angeles to work on new music with the record label NewCo. Along the way Hamilton decided to stop in Cleveland, Ohio, his city of birth, and the erratic behavior many have witnessed over the years was on full display. There are reports that Hamilton was being disruptive and screaming at restaurant goers and employees before the police were deployed to apprehend the 23-year-old rapper. In an ensuing scuffle, Hamilton allegedly struck an officer in the face and was immediately taken to jail.

According to Cuyahoga County's Clerk of Courts' records Hamilton has been charged with assault and the MC's bail is set at $25,000. It is unclear whether the MC is still in jail, however he did have a scheduled court date on December 16.

With seemingly no support system (although he is the cousin of hip-hop icon MC Lyte), even after a reported six-week stay in a New York mental institution during the summer, the Sonic The Hedgehog-loving MC appears to have lost all direction after such a promising start with ferocious freestyles and a prolific mixtape roll-out he dubbed The Hamiltonization Process.

The downward spiral of young Hamilton’s career began when he allegedly stole a beat from St. Louis rapper-producer Black Spade and later falsely associated himself with the late iconic producer Jay Dilla. Both events pushed Hamilton fans to abandon ship and may have also led to his untimely dismissal from Interscope in 2009.

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