Wiz Khalifa Debuts 'Taylor Gang' Song

By D.L. Chandler

Pittsburgh, PA MC Wiz Khalifa, following a week that saw his single "Black & Yellow" go gold and enjoy high-powered "G-mix" featuring Juicy J, Snoop Dogg and T-Pain, the Steel City rapper premiered a brand new track before a delighted home crowd.

On Saturday (December 18) Wiz held his second homecoming concert where he premiered the blistering closer “Taylor Gang” at Pittsburgh’s sold-out Stage AE. With energetic production — rumor has it Lex Luger, the Atlanta native behind some of 2010's biggest songs including Waka Flocka's "Hard In Da Paint" and Rick Ross' "B.M.F. Blowin' Money Fast," crafted the cut — heightened by the lanky MC's animated stage performance, Wiz whipped the adoring natives into a frenzy, all while teasing fans with only the hook and one verse.

Amid the screams from the crowd, Wiz’s signature cackle began the track before launching into the refrain of "Taylor Gang" and what lines that could be determined from the choppy audio were full of the 23 year-old rapper’s usual subjects.

"Diamonds in my chain, n---as try to steal my lane/ Chronic in my brain, bitch, I’d rather Taylor Gang!" spit the Kush & OJ wordsmith.

Recently, Wiz released another song with buddy Curren$y entitled "Huey Newton," which the latter MC explained was a form of resistance.

"I didn’t name the record first off, Wiz named the record ... I think that the government, one of these factions, [their] kids are really fans of the stuff we’re talking about and they feel like we are the reason that their kids are steaming broccoli, so they wanna make examples of us," Curren$y said. "So now we are 'reefer-lutionaries.' We are not cutting our hair, we spending the money on pot and that’s it."

Fresh from his Waken Baken tour, Wiz is still prepping his first full-length album which will debut via Atlantic Records. At press time, the upcoming project did not have an official release date or title.

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