Waka Flocka Questions Police Raid And Gucci Mane's Arrest

By Paul Cantor

Waka Flocka's been in the news lately, and it’s not because of his music.

The rapper's house was raided by Georgia police last Thursday (December 16). TMZ reports the cops investigation had to do with prostitution, but instead turned up weapons and a small amount of weed. Wacka appeared on Hartford’s 93.7 for an interview with Jenny Boom Boom on (December 17) and addressed the matter.

“I had to go to court for traffic tickets and when I was coming out the court I had to use the bathroom,” he explained. “So my manager G Boy, he’s like, ‘Police just raided the house.’ I’m like, ‘For what? They wanna find some CDs? What they wanna come here for?’ They stupid. They knew everybody name too. Groupie cops, man. I think they wanted some autographs.”

Wacka’s manager, Debra Antney, told TMZ that police were also looking for evidence of gang affiliation.

“I’m a rapper, right? Why would I rap and try to go street gangbang? That’s hustling backwards,” Wacka said to Jenny Boom Boom. “How could you gangbang and be a rapper? I don’t understand that. I would love to find out where their information coming from. I can’t wait.”

Wacka pled ignorant to some of the other facts reported about the raid.

“He was?” he questioned, when told by Jenny Boom Boom that Gucci Mane was handcuffed and released at the scene. “I wasn’t there. I’m like you. I’m just reading the information.”

Gucci, who was arrested during the raid, has since ben released. The Brick Squad MC performed yesterday at a nightclub in Georgia.

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