Eminem And Lil Wayne: 6 Things We Want To See On 'Saturday Night Live'

By Chris Yuscavage

You can't say hip-hop hasn't been well-represented during the fall 2010 season of "Saturday Night Live."

Thanks to all of the fourth quarter rap releases this year, there have been a handful of rappers who have appeared on "SNL" over the course of the last few months. In early October, Kanye West handled the musical duties at the start of the season — performing his hits "Power" and "Runaway" and, in true Kanye fashion, breaking 36 years of tradition by changing the traditionally-black "SNL" stage to a bright all-white background. Two weeks ago, Diddy jumped at the chance to appear on "SNL," performing alongside his group Dirty Money and making an appearance in a skit alongside the legendary Robert DeNiro. And both of those acts helped other rappers get onto the show as well, with 'Ye bringing Clipse's Pusha T on stage with him and Diddy inviting Swizz Beatz out to perform.

But apparently, SNL has saved the best for last. This weekend, Eminem is set to take SNL stage alongside Lil Wayne to perform their collaborative hit, "No Love," from Em's album Recovery. And while just getting these two on stage to perform together in front of the nation on "SNL" should be enough, this moment should be truly special. So RapFix came up with a list of six things Em and Weezy should do to steal the "SNL" spotlight this weekend. If they do even just one of these things, expect them to get plenty of love.

1. Begin the set by staging an impromptu rhyme battle

There's only one thing we think when Em and Wayne are brought up in the same conversation: Who. Is. The. Best. Rapper. Alive? Okay, obviously they don't have enough airtime to settle that on SNL (though, if NBC really wants to get some ratings, they'd advertise their appearance together as such) but they could at least reference it at the beginning of their set before breaking into "No Love." Maybe drop a couple of bars like they're battling before the beat drops? That'd work for us and would make the moment memorable.

2. Invite Just Blaze on stage to DJ

If we're gonna make this appearance a true hip-hop event, we want to see The Megatron Don in the background on the wheels-of-steel helping steer Em and Weezy through their set. Will every Tom, Dick and Harry out there in middle America know who the hell they're looking at when they see him? Probably not. But we will. And as the producer of "No Love," it'd definitely be a nice touch to see Just get some love during the performance alongside the two rappers.

3. Appear in at least one skit together

On the mic, Em and Wayne don't play games. But, off of it? They're both pretty funny guys. So SNL would be underusing them if they don't come up with a way to squeeze them into a skit together. Just, please: No jail themes for Weezy. And yes, we realize that Eminem is white. What else ya got?

4. Steer clear of performing "Drop The World"

The problem with having Em and Wayne perform together? They don't have a deep catalog of songs that they've done together. "No Love" will obviously be one, but the only other track they've really collaborated on is "Drop The World." It's not a bad effort but it's also not the type of song we really want to hear at 12:30 on a Saturday night. How about doing your verses from "Forever" or, better yet, doing one or two solo joints each instead with the other MC handling hype man duties? Em ad-libbing for Wayne and vice versa = hip-hop history.

5. Bring at least one surprise guest up on stage

As we said earlier, with the star power that these two artists have, we're expecting an event. That means we want to see at least one shot of Baby carrying around a magnum of champagne, one shot of Drake and Nicki Minaj cuddling backstage, a shot of Jay-Z giving Em and Wayne tips for performing on the small SNL stage, and one more of Kanye West choreographing their entire set. No, but seriously: These two know people in high places. Let's hope at least one or two of those people make a surprise guest appearance.

6. Have Wayne close the show by performing his new song, "6 Foot 7 Foot"

Nothing — did you get that, SNL? Nothing! — would make us happier than for us to turn on our TVs on Saturday night and hear: "Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer/ Swagger down pat, call my s--- Patricia!" Wayne's new single has the power to be one of his biggest yet. No time like the present to let middle America hear it. Now that is what we would call Saturday night live.

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