Joe Budden, Saigon And Just Blaze Reunite For 'Bring Me Down'

On Thursday (December 16), a more peaceful Joe Budden stopped by "RapFix Live." The New Jersey native shared that he was willing to put beef aside — with New York MC Saigon that is.

Jumpoff Joe has had quite a few wars of words in the last decade but as he rhymes in his latest single "Follow My Lead," it's the little things in life that are more important him these days.

To prove it, Joe, during his chat with MTV News' Sway, agreed to record with one-time enemy Saigon on a track entitled "Bring Me Down."

"Absolutely," Joe said. "Anytime. 'Bring Me Down,' I love that record."

And late Thursday, the MC along with Saigon, Just Blaze, who's remixing the track, Sway and producer Alchemist hit the studio to make that pledge official. Even New Orleans' Curren$y dropped by as well.

An unfinished cut of "Bring Me Down" is floating around the Internet now, but Just, a long-time champion of Saigon, stepped in to remix the cut. RapFix caught up with Saigon just after Budden announced his interest in collaborating.

"I always thought Joe was dope, even when we were going through our little thing," Saigon said, via phone. "I always thought he was one of the more talented MCs. I look at it like you'd rather have a good guy on your team than play against them. I'm sure Dwayne Wade is happy he could pass the ball to LeBron now, instead of trying to have to block one of those thunderous dunks. The timing is perfect."

Saigon's oft-delayed debut LP The Greatest Story Never Told is slated to hit shelves in February 2011 and this duet would be a welcome teaser for the project. As for what the original disagreement was, Sai took a line Budden spit — "Soon as the wife’s gone they jump on the python/But she don’t know I’m out to hit and run like Saigon" —personally and the two began trading barbs in 2008. Recently, the gentlemen agreed to end their disagreement.

"I think it's good for hip-hop to see two brothers that were duking it out for all this time to make something epic and classic," Sai said.

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