Kanye West Wins MTV News' Man Of The Year + Our 2010 Recap


Let's have a toast!

Not only has MTV News presented the annual Mixtape Daily Year-End Awards this week — capping off our Top Mixtape Producers of 2010 — we've also announced our Men and Women of the Year. On Friday (December 17), Lady Gaga earned #1 Woman of the Year and Kanye West won our #1 Man of the Year.

Though 'Ye didn't garner as many Grammy nominations as Eminem (#2 Man of the Year), do the 'swag walk' with Diddy like Justin Bieber (#3 Man of the Year), dole out 12 months of ubiquity like Drake (#4 Man of the Year), garner a gold debut LP in three weeks like Nicki Minaj (#5 Woman of the Year) or continue his rule from Rikers Island like Lil Wayne (#5 Man of the Year), Kanye had a great year.

The Chicago MC was relatively quiet for the first half of 2010, but his march-worthy single "Power" dropped in May to the delight of the hip-hop and mainstream blogs. West followed the release with a corresponding "moving painting" video for "Power" that was barely more than one minute long and took fans — and detractors — another creative step forward. He began his G.O.O.D. Friday series, where he released stand out cuts like "Devil In A Blue Dress" and "Lord Lord Lord," spurring a few other music days from artists like Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. Then West realized his dream to make an actual movie, unlike most rappers who throw the phrase around quite often, and premiered the short film "Runaway," starring himself and model-actress Selita Ebanks as a phoenix, which we live-blogged here on RapFix, around the world.

But our favorite Kanye West moment this year came — no, not his "Good Morning America" controversy — during his performance at the VMAs in September. That closing song encapsulates Ye's year for us because after interrupting Taylor Swift and gaining the ire of most of America, Kanye charmed the public again with the self-deprecating chorus of "Runaway." As the ballerinas twirled and Pusha T posed in his salmon suit, West stepped away from his MPC and sang a chorus that spoke to not only his experience during the previous twelve months, but the human error buried in everyone. "Let's have a toast for the assholes ... "

Few MCs could get away with a chorus like that and an even slimmer number could deliver the lyrics like Kanye West, which is why the Chicago MC is our #1 Man of the Year.

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