Kanye West, Swizz Beatz And More Earn Top Mixtape Producers: Mixtape Daily Year-End Awards


It's Friday (December 16) and we've shared our Top Mixtapes, hosted and mixed by the Top DJs — and maybe featuring our Fire Starter — who might've guested alongside our Top Mixtape MCs. Now RapFix is ending MTV News' annual Mixtape Daily Year-End Awards with a bang and saluting the men behind the boards. These gentlemen craft the beats that make us to bob our heads, screw up our faces and enjoy standing on that couch in that club.

Check out MTVNews.com for the official list as well as the video at the top of this post. Below, we present a round up of snippets from each producer and/or artist's mind, a bit of behind-the-scenes information on each track.

Pusha T on writing "Runaway" with Kanye West, produced by Kanye West:

"I'm writing a verse, and I come back to the table, and it's something that I'm feeling, and he's like, 'Naw, but I need more douche bag.' And I'm like, 'All right, man, c'mon.' So I go back, and he's like, 'Naw, more douche bag!' He's screaming at me 'more douche bag' at this point," Push said during his "RapFix Live" interview Thursday (November 18) about crafting the douche-bag-toasting standout from 'Ye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. "I just really had to, like, take myself out of it a little bit and then put ... the perspective of the guy ... who thinks he can fix it, but he's not being preventative."

Swizz Beatz on Drake's "Fancy," produced by 40 and Swizz:

"He was like, 'That's the record I need,' " Swizz told MTV News about Drake's reaction when he first heard "Fancy." Swizzy initially offered to re-create the vibe of the song on another joint: "I said, 'OK, I'll make you that.' " Apparently, Drizzy wasn't having it and insisted on the actual "Fancy" song, not a replacement. "No. That's the record I need," Drake said. I'm a producer first, so he can have the record. I'm still on it, it's still love."

Ross on Kanye West's "Devil In A Blue Dress," produced by Bink!:

"I got a call, they wanted me to be a part of that record," Ross told MTV News on the red carpet at Wednesday's Soul Train Awards. "It was actually the last day before Kanye had to turn the record in, and I think that pressure just made it that much more special to me. So I just sat there, approached the record openly and as straightforward as I could. When I laid the verse, 30 minutes later, I was extremely happy. I sent it to him, and he was too. I think it was one of the dopest verses I did this year."

Swizz Beatz on Jay-Z's "On To The Next One," produced by Swizz:

"To be honest, Q-Tip and Pharrell put me onto Justice," he said of the "On To The Next One" sample's origin in Justice's 2007 hit "D.A.N.C.E." "I did 10 of them, literally, but then 'On to the Next One' was the least complicated one that I did. It was something that would easily fit into the system but still got the bounce, and it still gives Jay space to do his thing, even with the sample behind him through the whole song. It gave me a chance to be able to rock the chorus. It was a perfect fit."

Rick Ross on "Super High," produced by Clark Kent:

"The concept actually came from me and Diddy — we was running around New York City one night, went back to his penthouse and that's where the actual term 'super high' comes from," Ross offered. "It's 5 o'clock in the morning. I'm just burning, I'm thinking. [Diddy] turned on 'Purple Rain,' Prince. A few homies were in there — D Roc, me and him reminiscing, talking about Biggie. After the conversation I just stopped watching the movie and walked to the huge window. And I was reflecting like, 'Wow.' It had me reflecting on how far I came as a artist and as a person. When you trying to get better as an artist, a lot of times we coming from the streets. We're flawed in a lot of ways. We trying to get better as people."

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