Lil' Kim Shoots Video For 'Black Friday' Dis At Nicki Minaj

It looks like Lil' Kim is taking her "Black Friday" movement aimed at Nicki Minaj a bit further.

On Thursday (December 16), footage of the Queen B appeared online, where she looks to be filming a clip for the dis song, now entitled "Clap Clap/Black Friday." The track's violent lyrics are aimed at Nicki Minaj and is a response to Barbie's "Roman's Revenge," which features Eminem, where Nicki rhymes "the f--- I look like getting back to a hasbeen?" "Black Friday" initially hit the web on November 26.

The YouTube clip begins with an image of Kim, slickly dressed posing in front of a sports car before showing the words "Lil' Kim Video Shoot Brooklyn, N.Y. December 16th 3 AM" across the screen as the introduction of "Black Friday" plays in the background. Then, through the camera's canted angle, Kim appears standing next to a gentlemen sporting an t-shirt emblazoned with "IRS" along with the Queen B's logo.

"We're live! IRS International rockstars, you already know," Kim said. "Kimmy Blanco p---as."

Still photographs follow, featuring Kim standing in front of a white background wearing a black baseball cap and trench coat while another depicts a large crew of people posing for the cameras. Finally, the initial image of Kim posing with the car returns with the words "Who The F--- Want War?!" splashed beside her. Then the clip encourages viewers to visit and promises the video for "Clap Clap" is coming soon.

Diddy, Kim's original label head when the MC was signed to Bad Boy records alongside Notorious B.I.G., recently spoke on the war of words between the two women.

"Kim is the queen," Diddy said. "And Nicki’s the queen in her own right ... I wouldn't be around Nicki if I ever heard [something] negative about Kim. I've never heard nothing like that. Then, when it comes to just being an MC, then I've got to stand back. If they want to do things and be MCs, that's their business. I'm not with any negativity. I'm not with no beef. I love both of them."

At press time, there was no information on when the full clip will debut, nor whether it's a part of Kim's rumored forthcoming LP, Hardcore 2.

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